Our Team

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Management Team

Michael P. Maly(CEO)

Michael is an accomplished engineer, innovator, attorney and business executive with over 20 years of management experience in diverse business ventures. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering / mathematics, graduate studies in advanced process control theory, and a law degree.

With expertise in mathematical modeling of chemical processes, Michael had spent many years designing advanced automation and management systems for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, among others. Passionate about nutrition, fitness and life sciences, Michael has spent the last ten years studying the effect of foods on our health and wellness. He holds a US patent on a Method and System for Calculating Probabilities of Causation of Health Conditions by Foods. Michael is also a co-founder of a biotechnology company developing innovative testing methods for latent food intolerance based on IgG antibodies markers.

Ilona Pastouk(Operations Manager)

Ilona has an extensive background in business as well as dietetics, with many years of experience in management, process development and business analysis. She has a wealth of experience working with start-ups in the United States and abroad.

Ilona also has a passion for wellness and nutrition, and is a Registered Dietician and an Integrative Health Coach. Over many years Ilona has conducted extensive research on the topics of food science, alternative medicine and correlation of food and wellbeing. She is an enthusiastic community member, who loves to educate and make a difference. In 2009 Ilona successfully lead the “Improve Nutritional Value” initiative at a Cleveland area school, resulting in exciting healthy changes to the school’s lunch and snacks program.

Ilona has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Cleveland State University and a Master's in Nutrition Science from Case Western Reserve University.

Advisory Board

Vlad Kim, MD(Medical Advisor)

Dr. Vlad Kim is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He had completed his medical residency at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio in 1997, and presently has one of the largest private practices in Northeast Ohio. In his diverse medical practice Dr. Kim emphasizes an integrated approach to disease treatment and prevention, using diet and nutrition along with advanced diagnostic and treatment methods for a wide range of health disorders.

Outside of his private practice Dr. Kim is the director of preadmission testing at the Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital. He is a frequent speaker for a number of pharmaceutical companies, and lectures regularly throughout NE Ohio on topics including disease pathophysiology and treatment indications as well as pharmacokinetics and indications of pharmaceutical regimens.

Yulia Maly, MD(Medical Advisor)

Dr. Maly is a board certified anesthesiologist and fellowship trained pain management physician. She had completed her residency and fellowship training at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic, where she has been practicing medicine since 2002. Dr. Maly has served as an advisor in the field of diagnosis and treatment of food intolerance, and frequently consults on the effects of foods on specific health disorders. She holds a US patent on a Method and System for Calculating Probabilities of Causation of Health Conditions by Foods.

Dr. Maly has a wide range of interests in the fields of nutritional health and wellness, with emphasis on food sensitivities and the food-disease connection. Her particular areas of interest include, among others, migraines and cluster headaches, fibromyalgia, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and dairy sensitivity in adult and pediatric patients.

Vlad Gantman(Lead Developer)

Vlad is the Director of Development for Oxcyon, Inc. - one of the leading enterprise content management web platforms among Fortune 500 companies, including specifically the healthcare market. Oxcyon’s Centralpoint user experience system was selected for its versatility, reliability and scalability across multiple platforms and devices.

Vlad has extensive expertise in database design and development of enterprise content management systems.  He has developed numerous software applications for integration of healthcare information platforms and interactive tools for health risk assessments.

Vlad has a graduate engineering degree from Saint Petersburg State University. He has been published in many trade journals within the enterprise content management space.

Mikhail Teverovskiy, Ph.D(Math Guru)

Mikhail is one of the world’s leading mathematicians in the fields of medicine and life sciences, with particular expertise in developing mathematical modeling methods and algorithms for prediction of disease recurrence. He is recognized for his groundbreaking work in colon cancer survival prediction, leading to development of software architectures for cancer outcome prediction tests. Mikhail is a widely published author of numerous publications which appear in peer reviewed scientific journals, and a presenter at numerous international conferences and seminars. He holds eight US patents and patent applications in areas of mathematical modeling, data transmission and biomedical imaging, including a patent on Systems and Methods for Treating, Diagnosing and Predicting the Occurrence of a Medical Condition.

Mikhail is a former senior bio-imaging scientist at Aureon Laboratories, which specializes in development of commercial cancer outcome prediction tests, and senior consultant for Definiens - a German based company developing advanced image analysis software for medical and life sciences applications. Mikhail’s educational background includes a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Moscow State University’s School of Mechanics and Mathematics, as well as a research position at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Engineering.