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The link between Tyramine and Migraines

In some people certain foods and beverages can trigger a migraine. One well-known migraine trigger is Tyramine.   Tyramine is a substance found naturally in many foods, particularly in aged and fermented foods. Such foods include, among others:   Aged cheese Aged chicken liver Pickled and smoked seafood Canned soups Cured meats Beer (on tap and certain other types) Some red wines (such as Chianti) The concentration of Tyramine in the foods will increase exponentially due to extended or imprope...

If cow milk causes you abdominal discomfort try goat or sheep milk instead

If cow milk or other dairy products cause you abdominal discomfort, try substituting goat or sheep milk based foods, as these contains lower amounts of casein – a protein found in cow milk and known to cause inflammation of the GI track.